Thursday, April 2, 2009

Graduation Quilts

I recently got my instructions for this year's graduation quilt. We have a tradition of making a friendship quilt for each year's graduate(s). This year there is only one boy in the eighth grade and his Mom sent out instructions for making the quilt blocks. The instruction go out to just about everybody who's currently here and the quilt top will be designed based on how many squares turn up by the deadline. Ones that come in late sometimes get put on the back or made into pillow tops. The Waldron school has 13 students in it this year (when they are all there as one parent said. One student is coming back today from a winter in Costa Rica). Graduating classes are frequently one or two students.
When Siri graduated in 1999 there were two students in her class and we had to hustle to finish two quilts. If I remember correctly they weren't quilted by graduation day and we had to take them back and finish them.


  1. The idea of graduation quilts is quite new to me Margaret. I would really appreciate it if you put a little description of what happens on to your blog - it sounds a lovely idea.

  2. These are what are called friendship quilts. The decorative blocks are made by members of the community and the graduates family on or off island. They can have a color theme or a subject theme or be left completely open. Usually the pictures are island or school related or refer to a students interests (see the cat one on Siri's quilt). This is usually up to the parents. A group of people get together and sew the blocks into a quilt top and then put the top together with a backing and filler and quilt or tie the layers together. If you look closely at Siri's quilt you can see how the blocks are utilized.

  3. New to your site, I love the name!