Monday, April 13, 2009

Busman's Holiday

We just came back from another weekend on Saltspring Island. None of our children were going to be on our island for Easter this year so we decided that we would take off. It was sort of a busman's holiday as, of course, we went to their farmers market.

There weren't a lot of vegetables but one vendor had these beautiful mushrooms. We did buy enough salad mix to have a lovely salad for dinner from another vendor.
There were a lot of artists and bakers. The weaver above had the most beautiful rugs from hand spun and dyed wool. The colors of her rugs were exquisite.
I found a neat cat mug as a birthday present for my sister from one of the potters.

In the small world category we spent an hour Saturday evening riding the local bus around the north end of the island so we could see a bit of the interior. Toward the end of the run we got to talking to the bus driver who, it turns out, raises Cotswold sheep and has a wife named Margaret who is a spinner and weaver. Margaret has been to Shaw Island to visit the nuns at the monastery who raise Cotswold sheep. This is where we got out first Cotswolds. That made our day. Next time we go up there we hope to get out to their farm, Windrush Farm, to visit and see what they are doing.
We ended up staying on Saltspring on Easter Sunday as it was too windy to go home. We spent most of the day on the boat reading and knitting (well, okay, I did the knitting). But in the evening the rain stopped and the sun came out and we walked up to the end of the harbor to a neat pub for dinner. We treated ourselves to hard cider on tap, one of the reasons we love to go to Canada (when we can't manage to get to England). What a lovely weekend.

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