Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring at Last?

Yesterday was the last of the winter Farmers Markets. Three weeks from now we start back to the once a week outdoor market. Hope we have a few things ready to sell. Above is the first of the lettuces from the hoophouse to be ready. We added them to some salad mix from a friends farm as we didn't have enough ourselves. It was very satisfying to harvest that lettuce.
Today was the first day that has felt like spring. The thermometer even said that it got over 60 degrees. Whoopee! I spent the morning inside warping up a loom for potholders but went out in the afternoon and weeded most of a bed of biennial sweet william and helped Joel plant our first peas. We put in 4, 40' rows of Sugar Ann snap peas. The peach tree at the back porch is in bloom. The flowers next to the greenhouse wall have come out first as it is warmer there. What a lovely day.


  1. Wow i love that vegetables salad,i always eat this every spring season.I put some eggs and tomatoes on the top on it.


  2. Ah, I wish I could be there to witness Spring on the island...Spring in the city is all right, but it really can't compare!