Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fancy Daffodils

LinkA couple of years ago I bought 1000 daffodils to plant swathes of them here and there around the farm. To do that I looked for the cheapest bulk daffodils I could find. And there are daffodils blooming all over the place now. However, last year I decided to go for a small quantity of really fancy ones and bought a collection called Rinus Rim daffodils from John Scheepers Bulb Company . "Each variety has a well-formed ivory to white perianth and a trumpet- or bowl-shaped cup in ivory, pale yellow, golden-yellow, pale peachy-pink or apricot-pink with a wavy or frilled rim edged in contrasting rose-pink, reddish-orange or apricot-pink." (that's a direct quote from the Scheepers web site). They are from Dutch bulb breeder Rinus van der Salm and they are exquisite.


  1. My mom and I are so jealous of everyone's daffodils this year! She bought a new house so we're starting fresh with a brand new garden, envious of everyone who gets to enjoy watching their fall-planted bulbs blooming right about now.

  2. Starting a new garden is so much fun. All those beautiful plants you can put in. Enjoy yourselves.