Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Shower

I just got home from a flying trip to Seattle for a baby shower for my middle daughter, Marilla. My daughter, Jennie picked me up at the ferry in Anacortes and we drove through the Skagit Valley daffodil fields on the way to the freeway. The flowers are a bit late this year (so what else is new) but they were gorgeous as usual. As we don't often get to the mainland at the right time to see the show this was a treat.
The shower was fun. Here is my granddaughter, Iris, helping Mom open her presents. This is a baby blanket that I wove for what who are still calling "Baby Sister". Can't wait to meet her in person

And part of the treat of the weekend was to get to fly home from Bellingham. When I first moved to the island in 1972 there was no water taxi service and the kids and I flew to Bellingham once a month to shop. In those days, me, the two kids and the dog could fly round trip for $21. Sigh. It is a lot more expensive now which is why I don't get to do it very often. But it is so very, very beautiful to fly over the islands on a sunny morning like today.

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